An escape game is a live situation room where participants must find clues, solve puzzles and use their collective knowledge and wit to escape a themed room within 60 minutes. Escape games are the newest craze sweeping the nation. They are fun, exciting, team-building and challenging. Teams must work together to solve puzzles, discover clues, and decipher codes that lead you to your escape.

No. Although our name is Locked In Escapes, we no longer lock our doors. (We did when we first started.) We do ask that you remain in your room the duration of your game, but should there be an emergency of any kind, you can exit your game through the door you entered into it.  Your safety is our top priority.


$30 per person, per person per game. Your purchase is non-refundable. Rescheduling can be done 24 hours in advance. No cancellations accepted.

We encourage 4-8 players as the puzzles are challenging. We can accommodate up to 10 people.


If you want a private experience, you can book an entire room, which will allow you to have up to eight people. If you don’t book the entire room, there’s a strong chance that others will book the other available spots. Strangers upon entry become friends upon escaping!


We recommend our rooms for ages 12 and up. For groups of minors, at least 1 adult must be present in the room with them. If you are bringing children younger than 12, we do ask that you book the entire room to ensure a great experience for all parties.

You should arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled game to ensure that you have the full 60 minutes to escape. No refunds will be offered for late arrivals or no shows.


Pictures are generally uploaded within 2 business days. You can find them on our Facebook page here.


Players should dress comfortably as you will be moving around a lot. The majority of our puzzles consist of problem solving and opening locks. However, players should be able to bend down, reach up, and push and pull objects.


Please leave all personal belongings in the car. Lockers will be available to store car keys and purses. NO cell phones or recording devices or any kind will be allowed in the room.


Unfortunately, our office is located on the third floor without an elevator.


BRAGGING RIGHTS! When you unlock the final lock and open the door, the clock stops. Team’s times will be recorded and your picture will be placed on our wall of fame.


You die!

Okay, not really. We let you out after 60 minutes. Most groups find themselves laughing and pumped up on adrenaline as they are let out of the room. Your experience will be a positive one, escaping the room or not.