Fortify Communication Through Team Building

Communication is the most crucial behavior anyone locked in an escape room should demonstrate. When we put people who have cross-departmental communication issues in the closed quarters of a puzzle game, it brings out the comradery.

Team members will quickly learn the assets each individual brings to the game. Every person on a team needs to know how to utilize the right individual assets when their tool is most required for the team to win.

Through communication, these teammates can learn how to utilize the individual assets each person brings to the team when they have to solve a puzzle in the real world. The added benefit of this team building activity is the people in leadership positions may learn how to harness the potential previously untapped within their organization.

Indoor Team Building Activities

In our Colorado Springs escape room games, we can simulate high stakes scenarios, and that allows someone who may normally be behind the scenes an opportunity to shine and solve a critical puzzle. Racing against the clock to escape from an old abandoned cabin in the middle of the Rocky Mountain National Forest will undoubtedly rouse your team to step up in high-pressure situations. If that is of interest, you can book your corporate event with Locked In Escapes and have a team of four to six people play our escape room, Darkness Falls.

When team members escape from an abandoned cabin, they will undoubtedly build meaningful bonds that may not have existed before the game. Seeing people work together to solve problems and communicating to accomplish a common goal can allow distant team members to make new bonds. This team-building activity can also strengthen the existing relationships that are in early development stages.

Escape rooms are great for corporate events focused around team building because they create scenarios that require participants to exercise conflict resolution. To solve some of the puzzles and find hidden clues, team members have to implement critical thinking skills. Sometimes they even have to work together to solve the problem because not every clue reveals itself with a single person’s energy. 😉