Indoor Team Building Activities

We are blessed to live in a beautiful city that has so many outdoor spaces available for team building activities in Colorado Springs.

As the residents of Colorado Springs know when the weather turns, and the cold breeze moves in, finding indoor events can be challenging.

That is why Locked In Escapes has organized a great place to bring your employees for corporate team building activities in Colorado Springs. Now you can excite your team with a new, interactive team-building experience!

Escape rooms are a great way to practice teamwork and communication amongst peers. Employees, staff, and faculty must be working in harmony to achieve their goals. Integrating a fun and challenging team-building experience may be just what your organization needs.

Indoor Team Building Activities in Colorado Springs

Finding indoor team building activities for employees in Colorado Springs can be difficult in the fall, winter, and spring seasons. The random snowstorms and frigid air make outdoor team building events challenging. For some, a ski trip or snowshoeing outing is very appealing to the organization’s culture. However, most business owners have found indoor activities to be more popular amongst all of their team members.

Forget the old ‘trust falls’ team building activity where one employee would fall backward with hopes that another would catch them. Today, companies are looking for more inventive experiences that can create comradery and accomplish the goals of leadership.

Escape rooms provide a perfect platform to enhance communication while breaking away from the typical workday. When you are engaged in an adventure at Locked In Escapes, each member’s contribution is respected and valued because of the collaborative nature of escape rooms.

Locked In Escapes also has a John Maxwell Team Member, so that we can help take your corporate event to the next level.

Corporate Team Building in Colorado Springs

Locked In Escapes has a John Maxwell Team Member to optimize your corporate event. This brings a new dynamic to escape rooms. With certifications to administer and interpret the DISC Behavioral Assessment, she can help leaders understand the individual personalities present on their teams.

Corporate team building inside of an escape room can benefit organizations because it helps leaders get to know their team. Escape rooms can also help fortify communication between team members and especially cross-departmental relationships. When you’re inside of an escape room, everyone locked in has to communicate frequently. Finding a clue and not telling everyone on the team can cause the whole team to not escape in time!