(Received an A+ review by Escape Room Artists)

London, the bustling hub of England, a metropolis of discovery and innovation. Steam-powered vessels keep it moving, service automata keep it running, and other alchemical anomalies keep it interesting. For days now, people have been consumed with a mysterious illness. Those who contract it develop green rashes across their skin that spread at an alarming rate. After the appearance of the contagion on the flesh, the infected quickly become unpredictable and violent. Beyond this stage, the ailed person begins to seek out others to spread their condition. No medicine has proven effective. This city where you research new technologies to help the future of humankind, is now the one where humanity may very well end. You’ve received an urgent letter in the post, a summons from a family member of a close colleague; they are gathering the astute minds of London to develop a cure to end the disease. Will you and the other innovators save the world from this pandemic.

  • 3-6 players
  • This is an excellent room for families!
darkness falls temporarily closed image


People go missing. It is a fact of life in our chaotic world. This is especially true of The Rocky Mountain National Forest. Such a vast and open area of land is bound to swallow the lost, injured, and scared. But something has been different lately, especially around the stories that have been making their way out of the forest. Some say that there is something living in the forest, a mythical creature that kidnaps hunters and hikers. Others speculate that strange weather patterns are the cause of these missing people. To you and your team of investigative journalists, it is all hogwash. Just tall tales. You report on facts, not fiction. Your phone rings, one of your journalists has found a lead. Finally, something that makes sense! It’s a tip indicating a location in the Rocky Mountain National Forest. Rousing your team, you all pack into a car and head out. Arriving you are surprised to find an old abandoned cabin. Walking inside your team begins to look around. Wrapped up in the excitement of the discovery of the cabin, you forgot to grab your camera and notepad. Making your way back to the door you grab the handle to open it. But it doesn’t open. It won’t even budge. Locked. Who could’ve locked it? There is more to this cabin than you first thought, it must be the epicenter of the mysterious disappearances. With only 60 minutes until the sun sets, you and your team start searching for the clues. Can you escape before darkness falls?

  • The room gets progressively darker as the timer ticks down.

Virtual Adventures FAQ's

Virtual adventures take place over a zoom meeting. You are at home, and our game master is live at Locked In Escapes in the actual escape room. You see what they see and tell them what to do, what to touch, how to solve the puzzles and more. 

You can gather friends and family from anywhere in the world and all work together to help solve the case!

  • A strong internet connection
  • A laptop/PC/Tablet or smart phone  (lap top or PC recommended to best see room and puzzles)
  • Pencil and paper
  • A microphone and speakers
  • You may want to have multiple devices, one for the inventory and one for the live video. (Note: there are no additional charges for the inventory page connection)

Once you book, your login info will be sent to you in the booking confirmation email. This login will work starting 30 minutes prior to the adventure. Once logged in, 15 minutes prior to the adventure start, the camera and meeting information will appear.

You can have as many as you want, but we HIGHLY recommend no more than 6 total. Otherwise it gets a little confusing with many people talking at once.


NO!! You can invite friends and family from anywhere in the world. However, there are a couple things to consider:

1) The base price of $50 includes the first 2 players. Each additional player is $15.
2) There is a maximum of 6 players per game.

The missing assistant has left a way for colleagues to accomplish this vital mission of saving the world, should something happen to them. You will have access to items hidden along the way. As you find the items in the room, they will be added to your inventory on the website. You can further explore them for hidden details and even interact with them remotely!!